Roatan - Bay Islands (Honduras)

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Gray Angelfish (16k) Spiny Lobstar (37k) Reef Life (32k)
Black Grouper (10k) Black Grouper (24k) Nassau Grouper (41k)
Cubera Snapper (9k) Cubera Snapper with... (9k) Barrel Sponge with... (35k)
Green Moray (40k) Chestnut Moray (40k) Green Moray (14k)
Permit Great Pompano (16k) Crab (37k) Spotted Drum (37k)
Hawksbill Turtle (42k) Green Moray (35k) Green Moray (34k)
Pillar Coral (24k) Deep Water Sea Fan (67k) Aquilar Wreck (13k)

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