Cayman Brac

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Caribbean Spiny Lobster (31k) Sculptured Slipper Lobster (30k) Channel Clinging Crab (33k)
Saucereye Porgy (41k) Tiger Grouper (31k) Redtail Parrotfish (39k)
Stoplight Parrotfish (42k) White spotted Filefish (37k) White spotted Filefish (29k)
Hogfish (34k) Queen Triggerfish (38k) Peacock Flounder (34k)
Very Small Moray (30k) Sharptail Eel (39k) Sharptail Eel (33k)
Spotted Trunkfish (27k) Spotted Trunkfish (36k) Long Spined Urchin (47k)
Long Spined Urchin (32k) I need the name! (30k) Banded Tube-Dwelling Anemone (36k)
Hawksbill Turtle (37k) Sponge Brittle Stars (29k) Hawksbill Turtle (28k)

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