Little Cayman

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Nassau Grouper (38k) Friendly Nassau Grouper (34k) Bridled Burrfish (33k)
Horse-eye Jacks (27k) Horse-eye Jack (17k) Hawksbill Turtle (25k)
Caribbean Spiny Lobster (41k) White spotted Filefish (28k) Queen Triggerfish (39k)
Touch-Me-Not Fanworm (27k) Star Horseshoe Worm (39k) Branching Tube Sponge (37k)
Southern Stingray with a friend (28k) Great Barracuda (18k) Hiding couple (31k)
Giant Anemone (41k) Arrow Crab (33k) Bearded Fireworm (34k)
Tunnel in the wall (8k) Hawksbill Turtle (36k) Stove-Pipe Sponge (36k)
Yellowmouth Grouper (32k) The Wall (34k) Deep Water Sea Fan (42k)

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